With over 20 years of teaching behind me I have had the opportunity to teach so many people of all ages how to be great drummers and excellent performers all the way from school band to the big stages. It's been such a rewarding experience and I hope to continue to do it the rest of my life!

             If you are interested in taking drum lessons, email me or give me a call anytime at 503-957-0717. I teach half-hour or one hour lessons once a week in Beaverton, Oregon near 185th and TV Highway. My first 10 years of teaching I taught at "Hillsboro Music" in Hillsboro, Oregon and now I teach at my home. Click here to find out more about me!

             I teach all styles on the drumset and rudimental snare drum. With me you will learn how to perform in any musical situation and feel comfortable playing any style of music. You will be able to play all the rudiments at any speed and be able to apply them around the drumset and integrate them into fills and solos. I can help you develop your feet dexterity and speed and show you independence exercises that will enable you to play any rhythm on any limb at anytime without affecting the other limbs.

             Drumming is all about coordination and listening. You will learn how to play along with music tracks and you can even bring in any music you are listening to and I will show you exactly what is happening on the drums. Drum lessons are fun! All ages are welcome. I teach kids as young as 5 and adults as old as 75! Contrary to popular belief everyone DOES have rhythm and it is never too late to start.

             So come take lessons from me! It's so much fun! Anyone can do it! If you want to be a famous rock star I can help you get there! Just remember it takes lots of practice and dedication. If you are up to the challenge so am I!