Echo Park (1992)

I co-wrote all the Echo Park songs and played keyboards and sang backup vocals on them too.


Nothing But Bone

In My Aeroplane

Formula For Love

You Do VooDoo

These Silent Wishes

Close The Door

A Falcon, Baby

The Liar's Fair

My Darkest Hour

Where's The War

Go To Sleep

Your Wild Lies


The Jesse Samsel Band (1997)

All of these songs are original compositions


Dance Something We Can Play To

Daddy Liked Playin' The Blues

Last Few Miles to Home

Talkin' Cars

Tell No Lies

What In Heaven's Name

Fame And Fortune

Angry Suspicion


Jesse Samsel LIVE (1998)

Ahhh....Rose Festival 1998....Picture 85 degree weather on the Portland waterfront with clear blue skies and great music!



Dance Something We Can Play To

Daddy Liked Playing The Blues

Come To The River

Last Few Miles To Home

Talking Cars

Rooftop Tomcat

Oh Darling

Pride And Joy

Drum Solo

Born Under A Bad Sign

Big City Boy

I Just Want To Make Love To You

Crazy About You Baby


The Jim Mesi Band (2000)

Blues and Surf music work pretty well together!


Pontiac Blues

Dangerous Mood

Goiní Back Home

Címon if Youíre Cominí

Blue Light Boogie

Rampage in C Major

Too Much Stuff

Body & Fender Man


My Babe

Me & Mr Blue

Surfing on the Autobahn

Norwegian Wood (no drums on this but I think it's the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life)






Emergency (2012)

My current band. I sing lead vocals and play drums as well as write the music.

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Here are some audio clips of my current and past projects: