Hello there! My name is Justin Matz and I teach famous rock stars how to play the drums! Here are the names of just a few of my current and former students:


Mike Byrne from "Smashing Pumpkins" - http://smashingpumpkins.com/

Dahnan Zakheim from the band "Fever" - http://www.myspace.com/feverpdx

and Dana Lockhart from "The Bettys"   -  http://thebettysrock.com/


Check out some videos of my students performing here!


             During my 20 years of teaching I have had the opportunity to teach so many people of all ages how to be great drummers and excellent performers all the way from school band to the big stages. It's been such a rewarding experience and I hope to continue to do it the rest of my life!

             I started playing drums in high school after playing the clarinet through elementary and middle school and realizing it would be very difficult to find work as a clarinet player later in life. My younger brother was already a drummer and so I started banging away on his drums. I am glad I switched instruments because I saw all my friends put their horns in the closet after high school and never play them again.

             I was initially taught by my 15 year old friend John McEntire from Sam Barlow high school who was the number one rudimental snare drummer in the state of Oregon. After a few months, I started taking lessons from his teacher Don Worth and was soon performing in competitions myself. From the beginning I was always playing in a band of some kind whether with friends from school or older more experienced players I met through my teacher.

             I was performing professionally within two years of picking up the drums, making money playing in clubs on the weekends while all my friends worked at fast food restaurants every night of the week. After high school I joined a Christian rock band and toured the entire United States for a year. When I returned I went to college to get a four year degree in computer science and got a job working at Hillsboro Music, all the while still performing regularly with bands.

             It was my dad's idea to start teaching drum lessons and I soon had so many students I was able to teach exclusively. I quit my job and I bought a house in Beaverton and moved all my students from the music store to my home. Now I just teach drum lessons and perform regularly with Many different bands in the Portland area. I've been all over the world, touring Europe twice and even performed in China! Being a musician is an extremely rewarding experience and it is the best job in the world!

             Over the years I have had the pleasure of performing with Jim Mesi, Norman Sylvester, JR Sims, The Killer Bees, Terry Evans, Bo Diddley, Mark Lindsay, Jay Bird Koder, Steve Bradley, Jesse Samsel, Greg Earl, Gretchen Mitchell, Dover Weinberg, Megan James, Kinzel & Hyde, Nobody's Bizness, Echo Park, Matthew Russell, The Coasters, Steamy Windows, and Southwest Bible Church. I have also had the pleasure to perform with people who have sat in with my bands like: Lloyd Jones, Paul Delay, Duffy Bishop, Mark Dufresne, Eddie Martinez, Jeff Healy; And also been in bands that opened up for some incredible acts like Randy Travis and Delbert McClinton.

             So come take lessons from me! It's so much fun! Anyone can do it! If you want to be a famous rock star I can help you get there! Just remember it takes lots of practice and dedication. If you are up to the challenge so am I!